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The question whether one sees work is a common one in discourse of photography today. Noticing work being done sometimes can act against the purpose of a photo image. On the other hand, mistakes or visible digital brushes reveal one’s intention.

November 2018 833,42 € seems to be a snapshot in a studio setting, a mixture of both of these conditions; the ‘easy click’ and ‘continued work in a photographer’s studio.’ What is represented are receipts collected throughout one month of living in Helsinki. The title refers to the costs of living in the mentioned period, but resemble a price of a photograph- of work.

The work is exhibited within exhibition ‘’Can you see work?’’ at Väre Gallery at Aalto University in 2019. The photograph mimics aesthetic of the interior where it is exhibited and is set up in times when art students question the quality of given resources, namely that of the space. In the meanwhile receipts fill (our) image.

Can you see work?-II addresses themes of creative labour practices and space.

Through diverse practices and through the process of sustained engagement, the works exhibited within the gallery explore the relationship between space versus labour. The chosen works took on both the form of completed artwork and that of short-term residencies in the gallery space itself, in order to occupy and document artworking, in a space that doesn’t typically reveal process in a public way.



Paola Jalili

Samra Sabanovic

Sami  Juhani Rekola

Reishab  Kailey

Sofia Pyykkö

Zuza Buchowska

Saara Mahbouba

Emma Clear

Lisa Rein

curators: Naya Magaliou and Shubhangi Singh

photo documentation by Shubhangi Singh

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